Customer feedback

Extracts from customer letters and feedback

Dear Roland,
I thought I'd send you a personal note just to say a quick thank you for travelling over to the UK to make a keynote presentation at the UK Passivhaus conference.

We had a lot of excellent feedback and people were very interested to learn from your experience over many years and to compare the performance in the UK in this context. It was particularly useful for us to hear about the different approaches you have taken on different schemes and what has worked (and what hasn't), so thank you for sharing this information. I'm sorry that I didn't get more chance to talk to you, but as you can imagine, I was very busy trying to make sure it was all working as planned! However, I'm sure that you met some interesting people who are practitioners in the UK ... I hope that you enjoyed the event and your time in Nottingham, and that you found it useful in some way.

Thank you once again for your input and I look forward to meeting up at a future international Passivhaus conference.

Jon Bootland, Chief Executive, Passivhaus Trust

Dear Roland,
Thanks very much from both, BRE and the Passivhaus Trust for your excellent contribution to the 2012 UK Passivhaus Conference last week. The feedback has been excellent and I hope you enjoyed the occasion. We are loading up the presentations to the website shortly so please take a look in a few days.

We really enjoyed working with you and look forward to welcoming you again in the future. Should you have any suggestions on how we might improve anything, please share your thoughts. Many thanks again.

Kind regards

Kirsten Priebe, Membership and Development Associate, Passivhaus Trust

“Thank you so much for your speech and your participation in the symposium. The feedback by all participants as well as our own impression ranged from very good to excellent. We are therefore quite proud and satisfied, and would like to continue the symposium and develop it further. Attached is an article of our newspaper in which you have scored very well. Besides this, we are very happy to inform you that the Lord Mayor of our town awarded us the Innovation Award 2009 as part of the European Energy Award.”

Zoltán I. Bagaméry Diplom-Immobilienwirt, Immobilienfachwirt (IHK)
Certified passive house consultant (passive house institute)
Unternehmensgruppe Wohnwert, Alter Postplatz 2, 71332 Waiblingen

”Mr Matzig imparted the topic of his speech in an easy but memorable, vivid and emphatic way. His lecture was amusingly excited and was permanently entrenched in the audience’s mind. This is because as a listener, one can virtually feel how Mr. Matzig lives his ideas.”

Thomas Eisert, Manager LohrElement E. Schneider GmbH

“The invigorating authentic style of his lecture charmed the audience.”

Ulrich Kraft, Manager ARTA GmbH

“A thrilling speech incorporating all aspects of conservation.“

Walter Göhring, Manager E2A GmbH

“ Roland Matzig’ style of lecturing is uniquely intense. Nobody could shut his mind to his arguments.”

Thomas Bienroth, Manager Coloris GmbH

“One of the best speakers at the topic ‘Passivhaus’ I‘ve ever heard!”

Brendan O`Neill, CEO Celtic Trade Group, Boston

„His lectures always count among the highlights of our fairs.”

Detlev Garten, Umweltmessen GmbH

„Based on his expert knowledge he also hosts expert group meetings in a professional and objective way – he brings results to the point very fast.“

Sandra Baier, CEP Messe GmbH

„You can feel the experience of many passive house projects throughout Europe in each of his statements.“

Martin Bruckner, Manager Sonnenplatz GmbH, Österreich

“We are glad giving him the chair, because we do not know anybody with more experience in the design of passivhaus quality!”

Peter Goodwin, CEO Passivhaus Design Solution Ltd.

The cooperation between ISOVER G+H Germany and Mr Matzig, architect and owner of r-m-p architekten in Mannheim, produced very good results. For this reason, we also hired him for a couple of international projects. On our behalf, Mr Matzig reported at the first Bulgarian Passive House Conference in Sofia in December 2009 about the successful refurbishment of a residential and office building to the standard of a Multi-Comfort House. Also when organizing in-company training courses for ISOVER employees and partners, for example in Helsinki on 15 and 16 February 2010, Mr Matzig's practical experience, which he gained in numerous passive house projects, proved to be very valuable. Mr Matzig was able to explain even complex processes in a strikingly simple and comprehensible way. At the same time, he managed to inspire the audience and arouse their interest in the topic of energy efficiency. We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with Mr Matzig and to working jointly on a number of projects in 2010.

DI Zdenka Debartoli
International Market Manager Building
Saint-Gobain Insulation
18, avenue d'Alsace, 92400 Courbevoie / France

Roland Matzig gave a lecture on “EnergieSparNetzwerk (EnergySavingNetwork)” emphasizing the role of the architect and planner in the framework of the “Insulating Material Expert Retailer Day 2009” by SAINT-GOBAIN ISOVER G+H AG held in Munich on 16 January 2009.

With high credibility and sympathy he vividly described the potential of a close co-operation between specialist trade and freelance architects to the audience, which consisted primarily of managers and owners of specialist construction stores, our most important customers.

His easy, natural and at the same time very factual way of presenting the lecture raised and held the interest of his audience. This was confirmed in every respect by the guests of the event after the specialist trade day.

We will gladly appoint Roland Matzig in the future, too, and continue the outstanding active teamwork.

A. Geißels
Head ISOVER Academy and project manager EnergieSparNetzwerk

Head of the seminars at the passive house building training: Refer to the rating of the participants