Audio: Special lectures concerning climate protection and passive houses (Language: German)

Extracts from expert lectures

Passivhaus contra CO2 - ist die Welt noch zu retten?Topic: passive house versus CO2 – Can we save the world?
Content: Passive house, the future of building and living, climate protection as task with utmost priority, global anomaly, 2-degree limit
Duration: about 11 minutes

The seven climate-enemies Topic: The seven climate-enemies
Content:CO2-emission, our behaviour, fear, finiteness of fossil fuels, alternatives, the sun – our future
Duration: about 6 minutes

climate measures in building Topic: climate measures in building
Content: energy-usage values, EnEV regulations, passive house construction values, PHPP method, positive and negative examples, energy loss

The functioning and interior climate of passive houses Topic: How does a passive house work, savings in utilities charges, experiences, use in renovation and restoration
Duration: about 9 minutes

Quality and construction of passive houses Topic: Quality and construction of passive houses
Content: feedback of building owners, indoor ventilation, cosy living climate, passive house construction methods and components
Duration: about 11 minutes

A passive house pays off – win and loss Topic: A passive house pays off – win and loss
Content: Impact of different window types, ventilation system for the living space, heat pumps, cost accounting
Duration: about 10 minutes