Roland Matzig – the passive house expert who shares his knowledge actively

Further development seminars

Weiterbildungsseminare PassivhausAs a certified passive house planner, Roland Matzig has been educating architects to become passive house planners for some time now. Together with several colleagues he regularly teaches in Wiesbaden and Stuttgart as part of the offering of various further education providers. Here, the experiences gained by his architectural bureau regarding the use of passive house components for renovations are also integrated. Especially this aspect of an important future-pointing topic offers an invaluable knowledge transfer for the passive house planner- to-be.

Training takes place at regular intervals and consists of 8 modules, held by a total of 6 lecturers. Furthermore, Roland Matzig is also offering training for energy consultants and energetic renovators.

Schulungsveranstaltung Passivhausprinzipien
Since 2009 all further educational programs under the leadership of Roland Matzig are also available in Austria.

For further information regarding the different educational possibilities please contact Roland Matzig directly: contact.

Left picture: "Eco-friendly Training" with Roland Matzig
for Division of Architecture - Sun Moon University, Korea.