Roland Matzig – a speaker with a wealth of experience Roland Matzig


Tagungen PassivhausFrom the local specialist seminar up to the international conference - the lecturing activities of Roland Matzig are diverse. This success can, on the one hand, be ascribed to the vivacity of his speeches casting a spell on his audience – and, on the other hand, to his valuable expert knowledge present throughout his speeches. Because of his (every day work in his) own architecture bureau all his topics are selected due to current developments and information. Topics are guaranteed to always be relevant and current because of the connection to his architectural bureau. This permits anyone who is interested and willing to look beyond the box to gain real insights into the future of construction. So everybody who is willing to look outside the box can gain a glimpse into the future of construction.

Roland Matzig‘s lectures cover energy-related questions in the field of construction and renovations and are available on principle in German and English – a short extract from the lecture topics:

  • Passive house components when renovating old houses
  • Passive house, the constructional answer to Global Warming
  • From the residence to the airport – the passive house concept has no limit
  • The passive house concept in hot and cold climates
  • The passive house conquers the United Kingdom
  • Passive house experiences throughout Europe
  • With the passive house to a zero-energy-building

Please contact Roland Matzig personally regarding the selection of a topic, if you would like to select a specific topic for your conference: contact.